Asian Miler Retrospect: Half a Year on

It’s been six full months to the day that this Asian Miler site has taken off, so to speak.

This commemorative post is to celebrate the humble milestone of a half year of pointers, hints and tips to Asia-based travel hacking.

Twenty-two posts on, we’ve talked about airline alliances, samples of where you can earn more miles, how to earn status for longer, and why frequent flyer points don’t have to be a pain to earn, and some other alternatives.

We’ve also even shared how hotel programs can work to your advantage, and that some lesser-known airlines can have surprisingly great programs. We’ve even updated our AMP valuations, which we use as a cheat sheet of sorts.

Asian Miler has only barely scratched the surface in this past six months, and we look forward to share more.

So stick with us, and do share the love of the hobby along!