Mileage Plan Flash Sale

Just two months ago, Mileage Plan outlined its miles purchase promotion for the summer. Fresh off that deal is Mileage Plan’s flash sale that has already started and will end on September 14th (PST). That said, we’ll waste no time and share all the details.

The Post-Summer Mileage Plan Flash Sale

Mileage Plan members should immediately log in to your account to see your bonus. The prevailing offer goes to as much as 50% extra miles for at least 40,000 miles bought:

Mileage Plan Flash Sale for just 3 Days!

If you get a bonus offer for 50% and purchase at that tier, you’ll be able to acquire miles for 1.97 cents each. We can’t really argue the value for that price.

Well what can you do with those fresh Mileage Plan points you ask? The program has partner awards charts that allow you — subject to seat availability — to book tickets like:

  • Asia to Continental USA on Cathay Pacific
    • First: 70,000
    • Business: 50,000
  • Round-trip Southeast Asia to Continental USA on Korean Air
    • Business: 120,000
  • Southeast Asia to Continental USA on Japan Airlines
    • First: 75,000
    • Business: 65,000
  • Within Asia on Cathay Pacific
    • Business: 22,500
  • Within Asia on Japan Airlines
    • Business: 25,000

We’ve actually made an “almost roundtrip” redemption on Japan Airlines for that amount above, and it was one of the best value we’ve had from Mileage Plan. We’ll share that in a future post.

Just remember that members can accumulate only up to a total of 150,000 miles in a given calendar year through transfers or purchases, including bonuses. If you’re a Mileage Plan elite though, you won’t have such restrictions.


Final Word

Mileage Plan has not stopped in aggressively promoting miles purchase deals this year. We can’t really complain, because they allow award redemptions with their partners all across the globe.

Still on the fence but have plans for the busy year-end? Don’t dither for too long because it’s here for just a few days! Don’t miss this chance to plan and realize those premium cabin journeys!