Mileage Plan Summer 2019 Promotion

Last time, Mileage Plan offered an outright discount on the price of miles purchases. The program is returning with its usual offer, but with a potentially large bonus for members. This latest promotion will run for a few more weeks until August 30th (PST).

The Mileage Plan Offer

Alaska Airlines ran a sale with very similar rates back in AprilYou should log in to your account to see what bonus you are eligible for. As far as we can tell, you can get as much as 50% more miles, like so:

Mileage Plan Promotion Offer

If you get a bonus offer for 50% and purchase at that tier, you’ll be able to acquire miles for 1.97 cents each. Great value there.

Once you have those Mileage Plan miles, what can you do with them exactly? Mileage Plan has partner awards charts that allow you — subject to seat availability — to book tickets like:

  • Asia to Continental USA on Cathay Pacific
    • First: 70,000
    • Business: 50,000
  • Round-trip Southeast Asia to Continental USA on Korean Air
    • Business: 120,000
  • Southeast Asia to Continental USA on Japan Airlines
    • First: 75,000
    • Business: 65,000
  • Within Asia on Cathay Pacific
    • Business: 22,500
  • Within Asia on Japan Airlines
    • Business: 25,000

Remember that members can only accumulate up to a total of 150,000 miles in a given calendar year through transfers or purchases, including bonuses. If you’re a Mileage Plan elite though, you won’t have such restrictions.


Final Word

Indeed Mileage Plan has been aggressive with its deals so far this year. And with the Mileage Plan summer 2019 promotion, it looks like they’re encouraging more members to take advantage of the opportunity to fly. And it’s not just across United States but even with their partners all across the globe.

Have plans for travel for the rest of the year? Now may be a good time to grab some cheap miles for your those flights soon!