New Singapore Airlines Flights to the USA, More 3x Miles Opportunities

Singapore Airlines has been on a roll lately. With the delivery of more new Airbuses they have been adding capacity on continental USA routes again.

More flights, of course, means more travel options for everyone. For us points chasers that also means more miles opportunities.

(Updated: Sept 9, 2018) Partner airline charts have updated their accrual rules for Singapore Airlines. Miles earning rates, therefore, have since changed from the date this article was published.

Additional Singapore Airlines Flights to the USA

Singapore Airlines has announced the resumption of direct flights to Newark-New York beginning October 11. More recently, they have also added a nonstop frequency to Los Angeles starting November 2. Travel to these distant destinations will be flown using their new Airbus A350-900ULRs.

This means that by the end of the year, there will be three nonstop USA destinations from Singapore: San Francisco and Los Angeles in the west coast, and Newark-New York in the east. By year-end, travel times and approximate durations will look like this:

  • to San Francisco: daily AM departures, plus Wednesday, Friday, Sunday PM departures; 16 hours
  • from San Francisco: daily AM departures, plus Wednesday, Friday, Sunday PM departures; 17 hours
  • to Newark-New York: daily PM departures, 19 hours
  • from Newark-New York: daily AM departures, 19 hours
  • to Los Angeles: daily PM departures, plus Wednesday, Friday, Sunday AM departures; 17 hours
  • from Los Angeles: daily PM departures, plus Wednesday, Friday, Sunday AM departures; 18 hours


Singapore Airlines’ longest flights to the USA. Courtesy of Great Circle Mapper

The Newark-New York flight will be interesting as it takes a transpolar path from over continental Asia to Canada.

For these ultra-16 hour flights, Singapore Airlines are only offering Premium Economy and Business seats. These are mostly for operational and economic reasons. Whether you can bear the long flight on economy is a different matter, but at least it’ll be slightly better:

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy


Earning Opportunity

We’ve shared before how you can earn thrice the miles on Singapore Airlines (premium) economy tickets. Amazingly, the same miles opportunities are available to us on these new USA frequencies as well.

Booking the trip via Expedia

Booking class R is Singapore Airlines Premium Economy, but it translates to up to 300% miles on other partner programs (that’s 200% on Asiana Club). So as of now these Premium Economy bookings could give you triple miles!

We say as of now because partners can update their accrual tables without notice. And Singapore Airlines may be restrictive with their rebooking or cancelation conditions in this booking class. So we advise to be alert when grabbing this chance, especially prior to the inaugural dates of these flights.


Final Word

These new frequency announcements from Singapore Airlines are exciting, for the experience on their new cabin products as well as miles opportunities. Earning triple miles in premium economy is a steal, but keep an eye out for updates on partner accrual charts.

Would we book the routes for the miles? Yes. Would we try 16-plus hours on premium economy? We’d surely try at least once, for the miles.

Would you be flying to these destinations soon and be booking them? Do you think there are other conditions and opportunities we may have overlooked? Comment and let us know!