The Inaugural: Asian Miler takes wing!

Hello dear readers and fellow travelers, welcome to your new travel hacks site, the Asian Miler!

Just what is Asian Miler, you ask? This new corner of the Internet aims to share the latest tips and tricks in Asia-based travel.

Got a question about earning miles? We’ll cover them.

Want to hear about cheap flights to a resort town? We’ll track them.

Keeping an eye on the best value points for your shopping? We’re on the lookout too.

Of course the world is as wide as the opportunites are aplenty. The site will not be limited to Asian carriers or rewards programs (though they will be prominent) but cover any and all memberships that would provide the best value for all.

So as Asian Miler makes its maiden Internet flight, come and enjoy the journey with us.

And remember, Asian Miler is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.